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Protective Coating

Internal & External Protective Coating

Common points in Umran’s wide range of external and internal protective coating alternatives:
• Conformance to application requirements,
• Protection against corrosive environments,
• High performance,
• Conformance to international standards and customer requirements.
The corrosion protection systems for pipelines are applied exclusively for specific projects by assuring high quality, long-term technical performance and management of Umran’s proficient and trained staff in modern facilities.

Surface Preparation

For the purpose of achieving effective performance in internal or external surfaces where the corrosion protection systems will be applied, satisfactory surface roughness and cleanliness is obtained by using appropriate abrasives for the system.

Polyethylene & Polypropylene Coating

3 layer PE and PP coating systems are the most preferred external protective coating systems available in the market today. While the FBE layer provides for excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, the outer hard layer of PE or PP provides for excellent mechanical protection, assuring integrity of the coating system.

Liquid Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating system is preferred for lining pipe internal surfaces for potable water pipelines in order to protect steel surface from corrosion. Equally, thru the use of alimentary grade epoxies, the properties of water is maintained safe and healthy for the use in household.

Epoxy is again widely used as internal lining in oil & gas sector in order to reduce friction and save energy for long pipeline projects.

Special grade of liquid epoxy is also applied for gas pipes in order to reduce the back pressure created by roughness of the internal pipe surface. Application of this type of epoxy reduces energy costs related with transportation of natural gas.

Cement Lining

Cement lining is preferred type of corrosion protection system for internal pipe surfaces widely used in water lines due to its hygienic compatibility and high corrosion resistance strength.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy

FBE is an economical external coating system widely used in areas where mechanical protection of pipe’s external surface is not critical. Excellent cathodic disbondment resistance of the FBE provides for long lasting protection for pipelines.

Polyurethane Coating

Specially preferred in seawater environment due to its high corrosion resistance and long service life under such conditions.

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