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Steel Grade

Pipe and steel material specified by API 5L standard published by American Petroleum Institute are globally used for oil and gas pipelines. API 5L standard identifies the delivery condition of product specification level & service (i.e. on-shore, off-shore, sour service) and the steel grade such as Normalized, Quenched or Thermo mechanical Rolled and etc.

Depending on project requirements and application areas; unalloyed, micro alloyed or specially designed steels are used for pipe production. A project specific specification is drawn for each project which forms the basis for the material to be allocated for the production. The aim is to obtain uniform fine microstructure that is suitable for forming, welding and bending, yet tough and ductile.

The new European Directive calls for designers to consider even trace amounts of H2S when designing pipelines. This is a result of recent experiences accumulated in the oil & gas industry. This has lead to an increasing number of projects requiring corrosion resistant steels. Umran has successfully developed special procedures for welding of corrosion resistant material and applied successfully for a number of important projects.

Production Standards

API 5L, EN, GOST, AFNOR, AWWA, BS, UNI, DIN, ASTM, TS EN, ISO and all other major international standards and specific project requirements for the purpose of meeting all requests according to application areas.

Pipe Connections

Depending on application areas and customer requirements:
• Welded joint
• Cylindrical welded joint (Slip-joint)
• Flanged connection.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality Management System

Umran’s Quality System has been certified by API QR and TUV in line with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. These activities are managed by Umran’s proficient and trained specialists assuring high quality products.

Quality Control Activities

Quality control and performance tests in accordance with project and client’s requirements are conducted under laboratory conditions using sophisticated equipments, destructive and non-destructive testing systems.

• Non-destructive Tests
   >Online and offline ultrasonic tests
   >Radioscopic and radiographic inspection
   >Magnetic particle testing
   >Liquid penetrant
   >Eddy Current
• Spectrometric chemical analysis
• Hydrostatic Tests
• Destructive Tests
• Visual inspection
• Measurement and laboratory tests
   >Manufacturing control measurements
   >Coating tests (DSC, cathodic disbondment, adhesion, elongation).

As per specifications of Umran’s broad manufacturing range, Umran’s system is certified to conform to;
- API 5L Certificate of authority to use Official API Monogram issued by API QR,
- API Q1 API Quality Management System issued by API QR,
- ISO/TS 29001 ISO Quality Management System issued by API QR,
- ISO 9001 ISO Quality Management System issued by API QR and TUV RH,
- 97/23/EC (PED) Quality Assurance System as per Pressure Equipment Directive issued by Turk Loydu Vakfi,
- EN 10224 Certification of Approval, Product Conformity Certification CE Marking issued by BVA
- TS EN 10217-1 Certification of Conformity to Turkish Standards issued by TSE
- BS 1387 Certification of Compliance by Turk Loydu Vakfi.

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