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Stretch And Reduced Steel Pipes

SRM stands for Stretch and Reduction Mill. This is a sizing method used in conjunction with high frequency welding technology. HFW pipes are first heated to normalizing temperatures and then rolled thru a number of rolling stands in order to reduce the diameter of the pipe and adjust the wall thickness.

As a result of normalization process applied during production, the weld area of SRM pipes becomes uniform and the material structure doesn’t show any variations. Applied normalization process relieves the stresses on the weld area and provides a ductile fine grain structure.

The internal pipe surface is burr free because of the HFW welding process, despite the small diameter of the pipe resulting from SRM process. Compared to standard piping, SRM pipes are preferred due to their properties such as malleability and high resistance to corrosion, as well as machinability.

Production Standards

In addition to Turkish standards, SRM pipes are manufactured according to most international standards.

Pipe Connection Type

SRM pipes are manufactured with beveled ends. Plastic covers are used on both ends of pipe for protection against external factors.

Pipe External Surface

Varnish is applied for temporary protection against corrosion. If it is required that the pipes are resistant to corrosion under operating conditions, 3-layer polyethylene coating is recommended.

Pipe Length

Umran is able to manufacture and supply SRM pipes in 6 m. standard lengths.

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